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About Olando di Lasso

Orlando di Lasso (Orlandus Lassus) lived from 1532 until 1594. He is among the most celebrated late-Renaissance composers. Lasso was the only practitioner (as opposed to theorists like Zarlino and Galilei) who was repeatedly cited by Kepler. His work was diverse: he wrote double-choir music with four, six, and eight-voiced settings, and pioneered the use of chromatic scales. The piece that can be played at the top of the page, Timor et tremor, is known for its haunting use of the technique. It was published in 1564 and is an example of a six-part work. With six planets, each taking the part of a voice, Kepler thought that the solar system produced a harmony similar to that expressed in Lasso's work - although he was emphatic that they produced no actual music.

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